Workers Compensation premiums – even the words make most employers cringe. However, as business owners, we have little choice.  With today’s business climate, premium costs have become an even greater strain on profits. What if you could save as much as 27% or more on your Workers Compensation costs?

We are one of a select group of agencies that offers our clients a unique program to monitor and reduce your workers comp costs.  We are proud to offer this exceptional service to you. 

Guardian Service is a database system that analyzes your workers comp claims experience and reserves, looking for errors. Such errors are common and can cost you thousands of dollars. Once the errors have been found, a process is put in place to get them corrected. The service will review your workers comp experience mod for accuracy six months prior to your renewal date to adjust and update the data to keep your rates low. 

Businesses in your industry have already proven this program works to bring down premium costs. If you too would like to have your workers compensation policy checked for errors, please give us a call.  We look forward to speaking with you!